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Who We Are

Life Changing Community Outreach is a faith-based 501(c) 3 non for profit organization operating throughout the west side of Chicago. LCCO serves the disconnected and at-risk youth, adults, and families on the Greater West side and surrounding communities. Life-Changing Community Outreach offers Evolving, year-round programming, for youth, seniors, and families. Programming includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing resources
  • Summer camp
  • After-school programs and clubs (K-12th)
  • Mentoring (adults and youth)
  • Work Force Development (16-24)
  • Senior Support Groups
  • Healthy living for seniors

All Life Changing Community Outreach programs and activities are overseen by LCCO and efficiently facilitated with the help of partnering organizations; to maximize awareness, community involvement, and individual enjoyment.


To make the entire community more responsive to the needs and interests of low-income families and individuals, by mobilizing programs and resources all while bringing about a greater sense of awareness and sensitivity to these issues.

Life Changing Community Outreach provides a range of programs and activities that have a measurable and potentially significant impact on the causes of poverty on the west side of Chicago and the Austin area in Chicago.

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Yvette has worked with youth and adults for over 30 years in the following areas:

-Youth Violence Prevention

-Gang Prevention

-Teen Pregnancy Support

-Girls Self-Worth

-Session Rap Session


-Job Readiness

-Resources for food, shelter, and clothing

-Leadership Development


-Team Building

Yvette McKinnie

Founder of LCCO

Yvette L. McKinnie resides in the Austin Community where she has lived for 45 years. She has witnessed a rapid and steady increase in despair and hopelessness within the Austin Community over the past several years. She felt that something had to be done to help stem the downward spiral.

When she envisions the change in this area, she always refers to Ezekiel 37:1-10. "Can These Dry Bones Live?" And the answer is a resounding Yes!

Her affiliations with the following associations and agencies have inspired and given her a heart-felt passion and unique view, insight, and perspective into some of the many issues plaguing Austin and surrounding areas and the various needs:

An employee of the Cook County Sheriff Dept. for 27 years.

A member of the Prison Fellowship Ministry for over 26 years.

Overseer of transition Disconnected Youth for 19 years.

Youth Pastor for 4 years.


Check out what's going on at LCCO!

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